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The leading preg­nancy app from Germany

The app for every expecting parents. Easy to use, a lot of information and a forum to exchange with others. Proven to be right by thousands of users. A perfect app for your exciting journey!

160 articles to the point

Learn for each week, how the mommy to be and your baby is developing and what to consider now for later (our famous tips). Having a lot of pictures makes it even enjoyable.

Comprehensive Dashboard

See current "progress" at one page with days spent, days left, current weight and size, the weekday of planned delivery and a nice progress bar. Learn how your little one raises and learns every day...

A Diary for every nice moment

Write any thoughts or events down to remember later. You can save pictures and measurements too or take notes for your doc. Later on you might want to export it and make a book out of it...

Forum - Exchange with others

Ask questions, browse through answer or simply enjoy exchanging your thoughts with other mommy or daddy to be's in an easy way. You can upload pictures and see who's online.



For each week you get lots of information, fascinating facts and things worth knowing about your pregnancy in three sections - You, Your Baby, and Tips. Additionally, the Today page provides you an enormous number of calculated facts, the approximate size of your baby and even the picture of the week. The diary and the forum will give you the right tools to keep track of your pregnancy and getting questions answered.


Why choose mommy to be?

all content has been written pretty lovely. We aimed to our vision to stand with you more as a friend during that journey rather then simply quoting any encyclopedia or dictating what you have to do and what not. It's more giving you the right information at the right time. Additionally it was really a challenge to keep it simple and short that you'll never get borred which was one of the reasons to provide you with related pictures. So we're confident you'll enjoy it.


Dash­board - all at one glimps

  • Calculation of expected delivery date (1st day of your last period and cycle length (up to 60 days), or the simply the birthdate; adjustable date for a planned C-section)
  • Key facts of today
  • Direct access to content area and hot forums
  • Recent diary entries w/ pictures (directly scrollable on the dashboard)
  • Quick access to kick counter, contraction timer and support page


Today page - a detailed progress report

  • Picture of the week
  • Key dates and in which week you are
  • Days and weeks achieved and ahead of you
  • Gender calculation based on Chinese Conception Calendar
  • Zodiac calculation (based on natural birthday or planned delivery date)


Content area - the core of know­ledge

  • 42 articles each (searchable) for "You" and your body, "Your Baby" with the development of your little one, and "Tips" with lots of practical hints
  • More than 160 accompanying pictures (some taken by a professional photographer)
  • Only in the section “Baby” 60 pictures, most sonograms zoomable and labeled


Forum - an open exchange platform

  • For every language a dedicated forum (currently English, German)
  • Country-only categories with major cities setup
  • If you share your location, next three cities are preselected to get in touch with other around you quickly
  • Picture upload, profile information, profile photo, rating of posts
  • Select favorite categories and posts to follow w/ email notification


Diary - for unfor­get­table moments

  • Diary entries grouped by week
  • Available entry-types: "You", "Your baby", "Doctor", "General"
  • Up to three photos per entry and the geo-location
  • Document mood and measures for you and your baby (incl. weight calculation)
  • Export your diary based on filter (type, favorite) with photos and measures either via eMail or via iTunes


Tools - have them handy

  • Kick-Counter integrated in Diary
  • Contraction Timer integrated in Diary
  • Easy access to our outstanding support
  • Share with other


More func­tio­nality - it's an App for you!

  • Email important information (Today page, content, diary entry, etc.)
  • Maintain multiple pregnancies (for you or friends or grandchilds)
  • Fully customizable with your own background-picture (some are included), configurable labels (e.g. instead of "You" your name), forum profile, etc.
  • Supports twins+ in terms of target weights and sizes
  • Lock the app with your passcode, that nobody can access your diary

I downloaded at least 6 "free" apps and ended up deleting all 6... Nothing offered me anything I couldn't already get just going online- until "Mommy to be"... It's user friendly. Nice layout. No ads. Great info and "real" pix of week by week baby. By user LoveSubway, US

A brilliant and special guide to Bubba! I had my baby boy in March 2011 and recommend it to everyone we know. Loved it! By user Nellie84, Australia

The best app for the pregnants!!! By user Emacori, Italia

Best of all, ...this is your pregnancy App... This Pregnancy App became my favorite By user Grossman, Netherlands

Super gute App für Mamis in Spee - Sehr süße aber vor allem informative App. Sie hat uns die ganze Schwangerschaft begleitet. Lohnt auf jeden Fall!! By user Farys, Germany

Honorable Mentions in category Best Health App By Best App Ever Award 2011

Excellent information... great for first-time moms iMore.com (former the iPhone Blog)

mommy to be - a success story driven by a very personal motivation: we've got pregnant!


Luckily we got pregnant - and of course, the daddy to be was instantly looking for good information I could read offline because I was traveling a lot. So I downloaded a lot of them... but wasn't satisfied at all. Well, that was the beginning of mommy to be > "There must be a way to get it better". Compared to other pregnancy apps we focused more on content, on pictures, and a bit on design. And actually, we focused that interested ourselves in our pregnancy moston what you REALLY need. But information, hands-on comparisons and self explaining ultrasonic pictures - that interested ourselves in our pregnancy most (apart from having each time a look to the progress ;o) ). Another thing was, how the information is provided. Not too much blabla, more to the point and not like a teacher, but rather like a charming friend. That was important to the women we've asked upfront too. And if nothing is to say - we didn't (e.g. You 33rd week). We published a clean app with pictures only from babies, which are actually crawling around in the meantime. Ethical clean and without any worries.

Go live

After six months hard works for the app itself and mainly for the content, the wording and finally the selection of the right pictures, mommy to be went live in Europe in February 2010. And it was a jump start. Within a Excellent information... great for first time momsweek or so we've got a placement in the top 10 in category Medical in Germany. We've been really surprised and thought: "it's just a one time success". But we're still there and from time to time we‘re even 1rd in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Luxembourg. Usually we've never got below top 10. That was and is still amazing. Even Apple featured us already in this category in Germany too and the reviews are very promising. With having a professional translation of the content we've released in May 2010 mommy to be worldwide - keen how it works worldwide. It makes us a bit proud to have hit our customer needs apparently so well. Even though we're not providing so many different features as one or two of our competitors, but our customers seems to love the simplicity, design and especially the significant plus in information and pictures. One review summarized it like „Excellent information... great for first time moms“.

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